About: Teun.

Teun Toebes (24) is a healthcare innovator and has a mission to improve the quality of life of people with dementia worldwide. He has been fighting for a better world for people with dementia for years, because he believes that every person has the right to the best possible standard of living, regardless of age or diagnosis. As a nursing home resident in the closed ward, he has experienced for more than three years why this change is so desperately needed and that is why Teun decided to take his mission to a higher level by looking beyond the Dutch borders.

‘Only if we look at people with dementia differently will the future be able to change, only then can the inky stigma make way for hope. Because only if we continue to see man, he will never disappear.’

Teun Toebes has more than 125,000 followers on social media and is often seen in the (international) media. He speaks frequently at international conferences and has previously published the #1 global bestseller Nursing Home, A World to Win and the internationally awarded documentary ‘Human Forever’.

“When you make contact, the dementia disappears and the human being emerges.”

Teun in the media
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