Teun Toebes

T(E)UNe in support

Teun Toebes (20) is the oldest in a family of four children. He is an HBO (higher professional education) graduate student of nursing and works at a nursing home. During an obligatory internship, Teun came into contact with people with dementia for the first time. He decided to devote himself, in his own, modern way, to healthcare and to the creation of a colourful society that keeps people stimulated positively in their lives. More focus on wellbeing. Toebes won multiple awards, interests politicians and was named ‘Brabander of the year’ by the Royal Commissioner of the Netherlands. Furthermore, Toebes has many loyal followers and is a popular public speaker. He is a passionate young man who is the founder and ambassador of sTeun en toeverlaat foundation. This twenty-year-old curly-headed young man also wrote for Denkbeeld, a trade journal of dementia. Toebes appears on various platforms and is seen by many as the inspirational face of dementia care. 

To enthuse people with images which touch and hearten people, for that, Teun is the man to be.

Report about Teun Toebes by Dutch News Program EenVandaag